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segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2014

Glenn Beck's advice to his son about preparing for Ebola virus

Last week, I shared with you Glenn Beck's advice to his son about preparing for Ebola.
To recap, Beck recommends that you stockpile:
From the HUGE amount of responses I got, it's clear that Ebola has got many of you rattled to the core.
You're not alone.
In many ways, I feel the same.
And the situation just keeps getting worse…
This week, Ebola claimed its 1st victim in the United States. The deadliest virus on the planet has reached our shores, and more people either are or will be infected.
Why is Ebola so dangerous?
It's got a 90% kill rate… and the ability to pretty much "liquefy your internal organs".
Folks are nervous. And if things get worse, it's possible that panic could spread faster than this microscopic grim reaper, and that would be just as fatal.
Now, the worst thing you can do in a crisis is lose your cool. You've got to keep a clear head – for your own survival, and those you love.
Sometimes, the most powerful weapon we have against nightmares like Ebola is plain old common sense.
You can reduce your risk of infection for Ebola and other pandemics by following these 7 tips:
1.   Wash your hands with soap and hot water often, especially before eating and after using the rest room.
2.   Carry hand sanitizer with you everywhere and use frequently.
3.   Try not to touch your face, especially your eyes.
4.   Avoid touching someone who's sick. No exceptions.
5.   Don't ever come in contact with someone's bodily fluids - blood, urine, sweat, or saliva.
6.   Don't handle items from a sick person. Most important, avoid things that might have any blood or fluids on them.
7.   Get medical care immediately if you have a fever (101.5 degrees or over) with any of these symptoms: muscle aches & pains, severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, or diarrhea.
OK. I hope you keep this list of tips and stick them on your fridge for easy reference.
Next, let's talk about what you need to do if this Ebola outbreak explodes into a full-on pandemic.
You'll need to have a plan, plain and simple.
That means you've got to hunker down and make your home your fortress of safety and protection.
You'll need to stockpile survival supplies, and avoid traveling at all costs.
If the Ebola crisis does hit a fever pitch, it could last weeks or even months before things might get back to normal.
Make sure you've got a supply of clean drinking water, but even more important, a way to filter dirty water if you need to. For that, I recommend this weird 2 oz. device that'll make even the filthiest pond water safe to drink from.
Once you've got your water situation figured out, move on to food.
You need long-lasting (25 years) survival food that'll fill you up and keep you going in a crisis. I recommend at least a 4 week supply per person in your household, but you're better off with a 3 month supply just in case.
Regardless of the amount, build up you food stockpile now to make sure your family doesn't go hungry in a crisis – because there won't be any stores open for you to "stock up" on anything.
Don't wait, just prepare – and please don't panic.

To your survival

P.S. With this Ebola crisis all over the news, we're running low on some items. The warehouse guys are working 6 days a week, including Saturday's, to get packages shipped out. Claim your survival food and water filters.

Source: Email received from on behalf of; Frank Bates

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